Air Ambulance in Kolkata

Air Ambulance in Kolkata
Air Ambulance in Kolkata

Air Ambulance in Kolkata We are operated by a team of experienced physician consultants specializing in air ambulance agencies in Kolkata. We are backed by industry-experienced teams carrying the necessary experience. Our emergency medical and ambulance services have years of experience in this highly competitive and growing industry. At Air and Train Ambulance Services we believe in the highly committed offer of different classes of various ambulance services, including aircraft, train and road ambulances.

Our world-class service:-

Air Ambulance in Kolkata We have two main categories of ambulance services specifically (i) Advanced Life Support (ALS) and (ii) Basic Life Support (BLS). We are proud to be among the most sought after ambulance service providers not only in the country but worldwide. Our air ambulance service is a trustworthy one that makes our air ambulance the best. Distinguishes its services from other companies some of the key features are (i) availability of 24×7 air, ground and train ambulances from Kolkata to the world (ii) complete transparency at no hidden cost (iii) presence in different corners of the globe and (iv) 100% safe and reliable medical emergency Service.

Air Ambulance in Kolkata Our team has deep expertise in their respective fields:-

Air Ambulance in Kolkata No. 1 is the air ambulance company of the Indian subcontinent and one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. It is an Indian company which operates services for both national and international Air Rescuers on an emergency and non-emergency basis. We have a deep level of expertise in transferring patients to states and countries. Air Ambulance in Kolkata Our team has deep expertise in their respective fields. They are trained aviators who are considered to be the main theme behind every air ambulance project. We use their intellectual strength and of course mental strength to help your patients heal and succeed. Air Ambulance in Kolkata Our team includes physicians, paramedics, treatment assistants, who have many years of experience in the healthcare industry, thereby ensuring a high standard of care and support. In addition, our services range from medical escorts to commercial airline stretcher services to the removal of critically ill patients on ventilators to chartered flights to any destination in India and abroad.

What is an air ambulance?

Air ambulance is the fastest, safest and most affordable mode of transporting critically ill patients to destinations at an affordable and affordable cost. Our air ambulance aircraft and helicopters are fully equipped with ICU facilities (ventilators/oxygen) to ensure safe and effective treatment for patients until flight or when they arrive at their destination. Regardless of the patient’s condition and where they are supposed to be relocated, we do our best to airlift these national patients as quickly as possible and get them to a safe place. Air ambulances include stretcher beds for patients on board.

Who’s on the plane?

Depending on the case of at least 2 highly skilled doctors or any other doctor and paramedic on each ambulance flight, the board will need to ensure that the patient is given appropriate medical assistance. The team of doctors includes cardiologists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, orthopedics, critical care consultants and more. Air Ambulance in Kolkata We also allow 2-3 family members to accompany the patient, depending on the type of aircraft used.